Entering Nicaragua

May 21st, 2007 by budgetmonkeyanna

Hey all, so we’ve made it to our next exotic destination – Nicaragua. It is incredibly hot. The flight is really easy though, only two and a half hours from houston, Texas. We flew in amid the most amazing lightning I’ve ever seen from a plane. Towering clouds all around us, in giant columns with lightning striking across them in horizontal rays. It’s supposed to be that way the whole week, although so far this morning has blessed us with wonderfully clear blue skies.

We’re staying at a place called hotel Oasis in Granada. We flew into Managua, the capital, but we opted not to stay there since it was not recommended. Granada is actually very reminsicent of our previous trip in the north of Argentina (Salta and Jujuy provinces). Lots of old colonial type buildings in nice colors. A wonderful central plaza where many hang out during the day to do people-watching. At night the whole city is quite dead. A small strip with bars is lit up, and this seems to be the main hang out for those tourists looking to have a drink. The casinos are also open all day and all night as far as we can tell. Well I’m losing steam so I’ll have to fill you all in later when we’ve finally accomplished something other than lying around, eating, and sleeping. : )

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