Yavi to Laguna de Pozuelos

December 12th, 2006 by budgetmonkeyanna

stuck in the mud - Puna Juje´┐Ża - Jujuy Province

We left Yavi in the morning with a recommendation from the lady at the htoel to take the ruta consolidada (basically grated or gravel road) to the Laguna de Pozuelos a large lakebed that fills over the wet season and is famous for the flocks of flamingos (of at least 3 different species) that live there. The road started out great. We were flying in our little 3 door corsa. Unfortunately it had rained the past couple nights in the area and when we were about 20km. from the first access road to the laguna, and pretty much in the middle on nowhere our brave little corsa got stuck in the mud. Dave tried to lift the car out of the mud while I gunned it in reverse but to no avail, it was like taffy.

We noticed a couple adobe huts not too far off so we packed up our stuff and headed to the homes in the hopes that they would either know someone with a truck or at least there would be enough people to pull us out of the mud. The first little old man we came to initially tried to hide from us (probably thinking, “stupid tourists, they always get stuck in that river, why did I have to put my home so close to the river?” in spanish of course, or maybe quechua). Eventually we smoked him out with our holas and he told us to find his brother who lived at the other adobe hut down the road, he said that his brother had a truck.

So we hiked past the local cemetery and down to the next adobe hut to find another old man and a much younger boy making mud bricks in the backyard. The man told us that he had to finish making bricks, but that he would come help us as soon as he could. We (of little faith) were a bit befuddled since his home did not look as if it could be hiding a large truck and we could see no truck outside. Seeing as we had no choice however, we hiked back to the car to wait for whatever help would come. At the car we realized that we could possibly dig the car out ourselves. Now, remember that we’re at an even higher elevation than Yavi so the air is quite thin and doing any amount of work is insanely tiring. We both were completely out of breath in no time, but after much digging we finally got the car out of the mud, just as the old man pulled up in a giant, nice, new toyota truck. I asked him to wait as I tried to cross the river again, this time I backed up a bit and pushed the pedal to the metal and virtually flew over the damn river (so Dave says – since he witnessed it from outside the car). After this we decided that gunning it through the muddy parts was the only way to go, needless to say the rest of the ride was pretty entertaining.

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