Still in Salta

December 9th, 2006 by budgetmonkeyanna

Hi folks! So what have we been up to these past 7 days…Well after a long and stressful Saturday trying to rent a car which is near to impossible on a weekend with the whole siesta thing (for 1 to 5 hours everything closes in the afternoon, some places re-open later, but a lot don’t on a Sat.) We also had the cat problem to deal with — bring her with us or leave her in Salta and pay for her stay (which was almost as much as our own hotel). We also were interested in camping since the car was going to cost us quite a lot and camping is cheap in argentina, but this meant finding cheap camping gear.

Afer figuring this all out – finding the only open car rental place, Avis at the airport, leaving the cat at the vet for a lowered daily price and with the promise that they would try to find a home for her here in salta during the next week, and after finding a cheap camping store in town and purchasing a tent, sleeping bags, and some sleeping pads we were on our way North at 8:30pm. It was little later than we had hoped to start the drive north, but what can you do when you’re desperate to get out of a place?

Why was I desperate you ask? For one, Salta may be pretty in some ways (It’s called Salta, la linda — the pretty by people in the area), but it’s still a city and as we all know I’m not a huge city fan. To top it all off we had been forced out of our favorite hotel to a not so great place (dark dank room with a smokey atmosphere) because we had not made reservations in advance and they were completely full. Las Rejas (500 block of general guemes) is our favorite place, by far the best bang for your buck! The hotel has free internet, a phone booth that’s cheaper than the local locutorios, and an extremely charming couple that run the place. So between the cat, the traffic, and the change in lodging, it was a little more stressful than we had wanted for our vacation time.

We weren’t sure where we were going, or how far we’d get in one night, but the road is paved and pretty good so we ended up making it slightly north of San Salvador de Jujuy (S.S. Jujuy) to a nice campsite on the edge of a river witha strange owner who could have used some help with his social skills since he weirded both of us out, but oh well.

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