Mercedes, Argentina

December 5th, 2006 by budgetmonkeyanna

A quaint town. Pretty small with the requisite large plaza that you find all over Argentina. We waited there for four hours until the comvi (a large minivan type car) departed for the Esteros. The most amazing thing about the town were the gauchos. There are real gauchos here. One was so bow-legged that I have no idea how he managed to walk around. Gauchos are Argentine cowboys who tend to work on ranches riding horses and herding cows. They wear baggy pants with cowboy boots, giant leather belts with even bigger metal buckles, baggy white shirts and sometimes small black scarves around their necks. They also wear a flat wide-brimmed hat that they don’t seem to take off for any reason. The gaucho in the comvi with us wore his hat the whole time. They are very hard to understand and tend to have incredibly impressive large, white teeth. One of the first things I noticed in Mercedes was the change in the accent. The people there speak more like Mexicans. The music also has a strong mexican sound; we heard both regetton (sp?) and mariachi like music from almost every kiosk (small snack and candy stand) and cd seller. Since we weren’t there for very long there isn’t much else that I have to say about it. It was very pleasant though and relaxing.

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