Kitty Troubles in Salta

December 8th, 2006 by budgetmonkeyanna

the ad we put up in Salta

We will now be up to date! Well what a story it is too. We arrived in Salta early in the morning and began walking around with our large backpacks looking for a good, cheap hotel to stay in. The first one we went to was beautiful and friendly but being maximizers we had to check out others. After searching and talking to the incredible tourism office (they are so sweet and have tons of information), we finally decided to head back the one we had originally gone to.

On our way there though we were sidetracked (only one block away – we almost made it) when a small kitten was hit by a car in the middle of the road right in front of us. She ran into the gutter and began to cry at the top of her lungs (which are pretty damn powerful by the way). Everyone else just kept walking by (people in Salta don’t really like cats we’ve since found out) and I couldn’t let her just sit in the gutter and die. So I ran across the street and picked up her dirty little body in the my arms. One of her legs seemed broken since it was all floppy. This really nice man approached us and took us on a whirlwind search for a vet. At first he had thought I would sacrifice her, but I assured him that there was absolutely no way I would do that until I was told that that was the only option. He got a friend of his at his workplace to drive us over to the local emergency vet. There they informed me that she was in shock but that her leg was not broken! At this point they gave her a bunch of shots for which she tried to take a chunk out of the vet nurse. I tried washing her off a bit (gutter water is pretty gross) but she screamed like I was killing her (and used noth her back legs trying to get away from the water). We then took her the other office of the same vet in order for her to have a place to stay for the night to heal. They also told me that she could have serious internal injuries and that the only way to find out would be to wait and see if she survived the first 48 hours without symptoms. I payed for her stay that night and all the shots.

The next day we went to see her. she was doing well, eating, sleeping, and drinking. The second she saw us she started crying again and man can that little thing cry, and she doesn’t stop. She was also covered in fleas hence the enormous quantity of flea bites on my person now. After holding her for a while though we realized that she had bled all over me. She seemd ok, but he gave her another coagulant just in case. I payed for her to stay another night and to get more shots later. (the little bugger is turning out to be quite expensive)

So at this point I was desperately trying to figure out what the hell to do with her. We decided to bring her with us on our trip up north since we were planning on renting a car and camping anyways. So today I woke up early and after having constant nightmares about cat poo and pee in the car I decided that she couldn’t come with us. We visted the local shoe repairman whose wife is known to like cats and she suggested we try to get the vet to keep her until someone adopts her. At the vets he called the owner of the palce and the owner offered to keep her for a week at a discounted rate and to try his hardest to get her adopted in less than 7 days. Since he’s well known in town for his work in the community with animals he can advertise for her and hopefully make it happen. We decided to help out by posting some ads around town in vet/pet stores.

So that’s what we’re at now. The cat will remain at the vets for the week and I’m going to also pre-pay for her to be spayed and vaccinated when she gets to be 5 months old (She’s currently around 2 months old). This is pretty much what’s consumed most of my time and thoughts in Salta these past couple days although we did see a couple fancy churches and a nice guitar show, so we haven’t been totally enveloped in kittiness. : ) Also, as a side note, the beer here comes in huge bottles (almost 1 entire litre).

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