December 12th, 2006 by budgetmonkeyanna

After a long day we hadn’t eaten a whole lot other than some medialunas and some yoghurt and (especially after the digging earlier in the day) was starting to feel the effects. Luckily for him we were dropping in altitude by a couple 100 meters. Even so, by the time we reached Humahuaca he wasn’t doing so well, migraine, nausea, etc. Very unpleasant.

Previously we had not had the best experience in Humahuaca. This time however, we came in by a different road and it was like a whole new world opening up for us. We stayed in the back of town across the only bridge in a pleasant little hostel. I dragged Dave out to a restaurant to try to nourish him and after a quinoa soup (delicious) and some more coca tea he was doing much better. Another long day done on this fast-paced journey.

Feeling much better in the morning, we found a great little local restaurant near Humahuaca’s central plaza called Don Cipriano Resto Bar (Corrientes 254). A delicious lunch of salad and unusually decadent cheese empanadas (these were fried; most empanadas in Argentina are baked) set us back no more than a few bucks, and the free deep friend acelga (chard) was the icing on the cake. Unfortunately we were too stuffed at that point to really enjoy them. Friendly service and highly recommended.

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